Rob MacIntyre discovers bottled-urine graveyard near his house

Rob MacIntrye made an unpleasant discovery late last week: The wooded area near his north Minneapolis house was being used as a dump site for bodily fluids.

It's not that someone had merely been using the forest as a toilet. That would have been far less disgusting. MacIntyre actually found a hoard of various containers filled with urine.

The north Minneapolis man tallied about 50 soda bottles, milk cartons and other containers filled with the yellow-hued liquid, reports WCCO. Some of the containers were broken, filling the air with an unmistakable pungent scent that left nothing to the imagination.

As if the find wasn't bad enough, MacIntyre couldn't for the life of him get someone to clean up the mess. Turns out the property is on the border of Minneapolis and Golden Valley, and neither city jumped at the chance to dispose of an entire graveyard of trucker bombs. Five days went by before the Minneapolis Parks Board stepped in and excavated the mess.

Authorities still don't know where the mess came from. And let's face it, it's probably best not think about that.

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