Road rage with a This Old House twist

On May 1 shortly after 2 p.m., Joshua Korwin was traveling northbound on Highway 52 in South St. Paul. While exiting onto Butler Avenue, a white vehicle pulled up behind him. A Hispanic male, subsequently identified as Jesus Arroyo Malave, stepped out of the white vehicle and approached Korwin. He was carrying a hammer.

According to a Dakota County criminal complaint, Malave swung the hammer at Korwin through the driver's side window, striking him in the ribcage. The assailant then allegedly wielded the hammer again, shattering the windshield. Fearing for his safety, Korwin drove east on Butler Avenue, then south on 19th Avenue. The white vehicle followed.

Korwin approached a resident mowing his lawn and asked him to dial 911. The white vehicle then took off. Malave was arrested the next day. He is currently in the Dakota County Jail, charged with third degree assault and criminal damage to property.

South St. Paul police chief Michael Messerich expresses bewilderment as to what spurred the confrontation. "He must have had some kind of driving contact that really upset this guy," he says. "As far as we know the two people do not know each other."