RNC8 have to wait until 2009

Ramsey County District Judge Salvador Rosas set a Jan. 26, 2009 hearing for pre-trial motions for the RNC8, according to Minnesota Independent. The decision came during a closed-door meeting with attorneys where the parties were instructed not to discuss the details with the press.

More from MnIndy:

Something else seems to have been discussed in Rosas' chambers, but the parties weren't talking about it afterward. Attorneys for the defendants and Janet Hafner, a spokeswoman for Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner, said the judge asked them not to disclose details to the press. That request -- which was not a formal gag order -- was apparently breached almost immediately when defense attorneys discovered that Gaertner's office had issued a statement, prompting the RNC8 attorneys to rush back to the judge's chambers en masse. The result was that Gaertner's office pulled back its release, which had defended the county attorney against various allegations brought by RNC8 supporters and detailed her job description as it relates to the case, according to Celia Kutz, spokeswoman for the Friends of the RNC8.

The RNC 8 Support Committee released the a statement related to the meeting today. It mainly addressed the new charges we've reported, but also addressed the meeting that day: 

In addition to these new charges, the Prosecutor's office is attempting to obtain a court order to keep the RNC 8 from sharing information about their case - both amongst ourselves and with others. We believe that access to the media and the freedom to share information as their defense necessitates are fundamental elements of a functional court process, and are appalled at the prosecution's attempt to limit our ability to execute an adequate defense. As Bob Fletcher, John Harrington, and Dave Titus grandstand about those nasty, violent protesters and wield unfounded allegations Gaertner's office is attempting to bureaucratically gag the RNC 8 and keep the truth from the people of Minnesota. Today, even as the prosecution attempted to silence the RNC 8 through a court order, Susan Gaertner released her own statement to the press once again defaming our character in an attempt to taint the jury pool.

In other RNC protester news, an additional guilty plea was filed, according to KSTP. Dustin Machett Morales of Santa Cruz, Calif., pleaded guilty to smashing U.S. Bank building windows on the first day of the convention. The charge is first-degree damage to property, a felony.

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