RNC riot police over radio: "Guy defecating in hand"

MinnPost's David Brauer has a brilliant anecdote in his story about reporters during the Republican National Convention. Besides violence and chanting, reporters got to experience other human acts they probably only see performed hands-free in the privacy of their own bathroom.

As written in the MinnPost story:

Maria Awes watched in curiosity, then repulsion, as the man crouched down near the Dorothy Day Center during a protest on the Republican National Convention’s second day.

“There he was, crapping in his hand,” a still-amazed Awes recalls.

She wasn’t an accidental eyewitness; Awes was an “embedded” journalist who — in return for not reporting on police procedures until the four-day event was over — had access enough to hear a police radio crackle: “Guy defecating in hand.”

The WCCO-TV investigative producer says she didn't see the poop hurled. It also never hit the airwaves; Awes was on the opposite side of the police line from her cameraman, Tom Aviles.

Read the rest of his story here. This anecdote is so good, we have nothing more to add.

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