RNC protests: new video of police roughing up City Pages writers

New video has surfaced from our encounter with the police the other day. While covering a protest where the demonstrators were waiting to be arrested, Andy Mannix and I were standing nearby. I ended up getting tossed around a bit and Mannix was manhandled and maced while trying to take video.

Unfortunately the clip Mannix shot during the incident turned out to only be seven seconds long. The only reason we posted it at all was to show that there hadn't been any shenanigans beforehand. It served that purpose -- you can hear me saying "But we're press" right before I get shoved -- but this video is almost a minute long, and gives you a much fuller picture of what went on.

Here's the video. Full narrative after the jump.

The video is shot by Travis Spangler, and he posted it on YouTube after the incident. You can hear him being maced right at the end.

In this video, you see an officer approach me. I'm the one looking ridiculous with a gas mask perched atop my head. The police had warned the protesters they might use tear gas, and I wanted to be able to shoot pictures during the gas attack.

You can't hear what the officer says, but it was words to the effect of "you've got to get behind the line of police." In the other clip, you can hear my response, which is, "But we're press." At that point I get shoved over a curb. I get pushed around a little bit, and I try to make clear that I'm not resisting and I'm trying to comply with instructions.

Finally, we get pushed behind the line. We think this takes care of the problem, and the three riot cops behind us seem to think the same thing. But they get instructions that we're to be pushed further out, and that happens. One officer starts to shove me back with his baton. Mannix disappears. Spangler is apparently knocked to the ground, and you can hear the sound of him being maced.

Spangler's video misses Mannix being sprayed with chemical irritant. It also misses some of the police getting physical with us, but I think it shows what it needs to: two guys trying to report and comply with instructions.

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