RNC: Highlights from Day Two, including the canceled Rage show

When we broke the news of the surprise Rage Against the Machine show at the Ripple Effect concert, we knew there was a risk the police would shut the permitless operation down. But we couldn't have anticipated what would happen next. As Andrea Myers' on-site report shows, police precluded the band from playing -- but not from leading the crowd in song through a bullhorn.

That wasn't all.

The group joined protesters on a march, linking up with pre-existing activist efforts. Photos of the concert and the march are here. Tensions continued to build throughout the evening, as police cordoned off parts of downtown St. Paul, with our Matt Snyders tracking the situation.

That wasn't the end of the evening for Rage guitarist Tom Morello, though, who joined Billy Bragg, Ike Reilly, Boots from the Coup and others at the Mad Ripple Hootenany.

Other highlights from yesterday:

* Medics were arrested by police, as Ben Westhoff looked on and took video;

* Democracy Now! producers, a day after their arrest, spoke with Jonathan Kaminsky

* Joe Lieberman's speech, which Bradley Campbell live-blogged.

We don't have today's schedule yet, but we know Sarah Palin is slated to speak after being effectively sequestered for several days. I'll be on the floor, and I can't wait.

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