RNC: Highlights from Day One

You've probably noticed that there are new people in town. Many wear silly hats. Others wear gas masks. It's the Republican National Convention, kids! And we're blogging it at Elephants in the Room. Here are the highlights from Day One.

Bradley Campbell and Andy Mannix each have their own stories -- and videos -- from the chemical warfare in downtown St. Paul. Read about police using pepper spray on protesters and see the videos here and here. You can also see new videos as we upload them at our YouTube page.

The day in photos, parts one and two.

There are more media inside the Xcel Center than delegates, one Texan GOP ambassador muses. Also, some people still don't hate George W. Bush.

Protesters aren't getting anywhere near the convention. The inside of the Xcel Energy Center is lonely.

The RNC had Method Man, Cyndi Lauper, Ben Affleck, Daryl Hannah, and more. But us? We've got Bill O'Reilly and Denny By God Hastert. Take THAT, Denver!

There are things more depressing than young Republicans. Cancer. Hurricanes. The cancellation of "Firefly." But there are not many things more depressing than young Republicans.

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