RNC arrests: St. Paul Police Chief admits mistakes were made


St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington admitted to the Associated Press yesterday that mistakes were made in the handling of RNC arrestees. Specifically, he acknowledged that innocent people were wrongly caught up in law enforcement's sweeping drag nets that accounted for the majority of the 800+ arrests.

From the AP:

"Harrington's remarks are an early look at a formal report being prepared by his department.

More than 800 people were arrested during the convention, and riot officers used tear gas, pepper spray and percussion grenades. An independent commission is reviewing police planning and tactics.

Harrington says police tried hard to sort out innocent people and release them as soon as possible." [emphasis mine]

That's a good one. As one of the "innocent people" cuffed and detained the last night of the convention (my press credentials not only ignored, but ridiculed), I can assure you that no effort whatsoever was made in sorting out the innocent from the allegedly "guilty." Any claim to the contrary is so preposterous that not even a wine-drunk Presbyterian could believe it.


That is all.