RNC arrests: Incendiary trial postponed


Two accused RNC rabble-rousers scheduled to stand trial today for conspiring to set police officers on fire will have to wait.


From the AP:

The U.S. Attorney's office in Minneapolis says no alternative trial date has been set for 23-year-old David Guy McKay and 22-year-old Bradley Neal Crowder. The pair were [sic] allegedly part of an Austin, Texas-based protest group that planned to use the incendiary devices to destroy property or injure police during the convention.

"Incendiary devices," in this case, is stiff-talk for "Molotov cocktails," which the duo had allegedly planned to hurl at police officers during the convention. Authorities gathered information (stop me if you've this one before) via an FBI informant that had infiltrated the anti-authoritarian Austin Area Affinity Group in Feb. 2007.

On Aug. 31, St. Paul police broke into the visiting Texans' U-haul trailer without a warrant to find homemade shields, helmets, and batons. Back inside their temporary St. Paul crashpad, cops uncovered eight Molotov cocktails.

Last week, a federal magistrate deemed the makeshift riot gear seized from the trailer inadmissible. (No warrant.) The combustible cocktails, however, remain fair game and represent the crux of the case against them-- McKay and Crowder are charged with one count of possession of firearms. Both pleaded not guilty and are being held without bail.

They face a maximum 10 years in prison. No trial date has been (re)set.