RNC 8 face more charges, more trials this week


An amended complaint, sent in a letter to the lawyers for the RNC 8 from the Ramsey County Attorney's office, added new charges for their participation in the protests surrounding the Republican National Convention. Those charged now face four felonies.

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Count 1 - conspiracy to riot in the second degree in furtherance of terrorism (the original charge) Count 2 - conspiracy to riot in the second degree (without terrorism enhancement) 
Count 3 - conspiracy to damage property in furtherance of terrorism 
Count 4 - conspiracy to damage property (without terrorism enhancement) 

The call-in days are this week

Friends of the RNC 8 says the RNC 8 have their sentencing hearing on Wednesday at the Ramsey County Courthouse, 15 West Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul, at 1 p.m. Go to the TV screens in room 131A to find the room assignment. 

Besides the RNC 8, which face the biggest charges of protesters, 15 others go to trial today in Ramsey County, Minnesota Public Radio says. Their charges range from unlawful assembly to third-degree riot during the first day of the convention.