RNC 8 endorse Susan Gaertner for governor

Five members of the RNC 8--the anarchists facing terrorism charges for allegedly plotting to violently protest the RNC--gathered downtown yesterday afternoon to make an announcement: they're endorsing Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner in her bid for Minnesota governor.

Addressing a crowd of about 30 people (including press) near the corner of 8th Street and 2nd Avenue, Max Spector read from a prepared statement:

"It may come as a shock to those who are following our case to hear that we, the RNC 8, are officially endorsing Susan Gaertner in her candidacy for Governor of Minnesota. For those who do not know, Gaertner is the current Ramsey County District Attorney, and is responsible for the ridiculous charges against us, and all other people charged with felonies at the RNC in St. Paul.

"We want our state to be led by someone who isn't scared to crack the whip, or baton, or concussion grenade, or tear gas canister, on lawless individuals, even if they are only exercising their right to free speech. We want a governor who believes in the law so staunchly, that she would be willing to try anyone on any law no matter how unconstitutional, or vague that law may be."

An oversized makeshift check made out to "Susan Gaertner 4 Governor" for an amount of "Eight dollars and no sense." In the memo line, scribbled in black marker, read, "This isn't a bribe, you're awesome!"

The timing and location of the press conference coincided with a Gaertner's birthday party-slash-fundraising taking place just 50 feet away inside the posh Minneapolis Center. When a reporter asked if the endorsement was a joke, RNC 8 member Rob Czernik didn't miss a beat:

"It's as much of a joke as Gaertner's prosecution."