Riverview named one of 'Best Movie Houses In America'


Paste magazine did a round up of the best movie houses in America and our very own Riverview Theater made the list. Because who doesn't love popcorn with real butter and $3 tickets? CP knows where it's at.

And the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournaments are not to be missed. The theater smells like popcorn seasoned with body odor, according to one trusted attendee.

Here is what Paste had to say:
The Riverview is one of the classiest second-run spots you'll ever come across. Its mod neon marquee, along with most of the interior, is the same as it was when the place opened in 1948. The lobby spreads out with sleek coffee tables, stained-glass paneling and neat plastic furniture, feeling more like a brat-pack bachelor pad than the average "lived-in" discount neighborhood movie house. At The Riverview, you'll find a great selection of flicks fresh off their first runs, with an eye toward more offbeat fare like the Coen brothers and Woody Allen, all for $3 a ticket.
Are they any other Minnesota theaters worthy of a spot on the list?

(h/t SOTC)