RIP, Uptown Blockbuster

RIP, Uptown Blockbuster

:::: UPDATE :::: Anne Jeske, a project manager for Kraus-Anderson Realty, the company that owns the strip mall that was home to the Uptown Blockbuster, says there's no news at the moment as regards what business will move into the old Blockbuster space.

The Blockbuster store at 2224 Hennepin Avenue South went the way of the dinosaur at 5 p.m yesterday.

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Shelves were mostly empty during the store's final minutes, and with available-for-purchase fixtures strewn around haphazardly, the place had a half-torn-down vibe reminiscent of the one prevailing inside the Metrodome last week:

A store employee said the Uptown location's remaining inventory will be shipped to the handful of Blockbuster locations that will remain open for another week or so in larger cities like Chicago and NYC.

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There wasn't much left by the end, however. Over in the TV section, for instance, about a half-dozen copies of season five of Weeds remained on the mostly empty, picked-over shelves, yet there was no sign of any other season of the show. Most of what was left in other sections were obscure, mostly unfamiliar titles.

As the store's last shoppers picked over the remains, I asked a clerk how long the store had been open.

"Ten years, twenty years... I'm not sure," he said.

"A long time," chimed in another employee who overheard the question.

And with that, bargain shoppers walked out of the long-familiar world of in-store VHS and DVD rentals and all the good memories it contains, and into one of Netflixes, Redboxes, and whatever else the future holds.

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