Right-wing pundits alarmed over Keith Ellison's pro-immigrant fashion statement

Keith Ellison's shirt is all the rage -- literally -- with conservatives.

Keith Ellison's shirt is all the rage -- literally -- with conservatives. Breitbart

Rep. Keith Ellison, the Minnesota Congressman and deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee, showed up at Powderhorn’s annual May Day parade dressed casually in cargo shorts and a black T-shirt with the words “Yo no creo en fronteras.”

The English translation: "I don't believe in borders." 

He smiled, posed for photos with families, and shook hands with folks on the parade route. A video of him stopping and talking to a family sitting on the curb shows him stretching the shirt to show off the caption, having a quick, smiling exchange, and bidding them good day as he walked off.

Naturally, the right-wing media is abuzz. 

You can see the clip on, which published a story on Ellison’s fashion statement a few days after the parade. The article said the music group marketing the shirt, Las Cafeteras, “celebrates illegal migration” and “favors their ethnic group.”

“Ellison’s T-shirt highlights the party’s growing reliance on a fringe coalition of migrants and ethnic separatists to provide extra voting power -- and cheap labor -- for their mixed leadership of post-graduate progressives and new-industry business executives,” the article reads.

Kind of a mouthful for a T-shirt, but okay.

Breitbart wasn’t the only one to chime in: 

Even President Donald Trump brought up the shirt during a rally in Elkhart, Indiana. He was talking about the United States having “the worst immigration laws in the history of mankind” when he mentioned Ellison’s T-shirt slogan “as an example.”

“He was very proud of it,” he said.

He went on to say that he actually had “a lot of respect” for Ellison because the congressman predicted Trump would lead the Republican ticket after the president announced his campaign in June 2015.

He actually said it “might” happen, not that it would, and right after he said it George Stephanopoulos laughed aloud and insisted Ellison couldn’t actually believe that.

Ellison didn't respond in time for comment on this story.