Ricky Rubio WTF: "We'll see"

Fresh off helping his Regal Barcelona team nail the Spanish ACB hoops championship, it seemed like Ricky Rubio would soon be winging his way to a Timberwolves locker.

But now, the point guard touted as the T-Wolves' savior may be getting cold feet.

"We are taking with Barcelona and we will soon see," he told AP, prompting ESPN to wonder out loud whether the 20-year-old really, truly wants to play in Minneapolis.

There were plenty of unconfirmed reports that he finally inked a deal with the team on May 31. And Rubio handles the ball better than he speaks English, so maybe this is all a big misunderstanding. But it plays into a suspicion that's been afoot ever since Rubio was drafted in 2009.

But with the Timberwolves front office still mum on the deal, fans -- and the team -- are left twisting in the wind again.

Ricky Rubio huh? I'll believe it when I see it...Thu Jun 02 04:10:19 via web


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