Ricky Rubio tweets Minnesota

Ricky Rubio is finally in the house. The hoped-for savior of the Minnesota Timberwolves is scheduled for a media roll out this afternoon, fresh off the plane from Barcelona, and he's tweeting his arrival.

The native Spanish speaker sounds a little self conscious about his English skills, but with a little help from Google Translator, everything should be OK.

The T-Wolves sound a little worried, too, so they've added helpful Spanish phrases to their website including, "Kevin Love es una maquina loca rebotes."

Translation: "Kevin Love is a rebounding machine."

Hopefully, someone's going to ask him today, "The Timberwolves have the worst record in the NBA. What are you going to do about it?"

Translation: Los Timberwolves tienen el peor récord de la NBA. ¿Qué vas a hacer al respecto?



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