Ricky Rubio signs with Regal Barcelona


Ricky Rubio signs with Regal Barcelona

Well, it was a fun notion while it lasted.

Turns out, Ricky Rubio, the precocious teen prodigy whom the Wolves droolingly snatched up with the fifth selection in this year's draft, won't be donning a Wolves jersey anytime soon. Slam is reporting the 18-year-old point guard has penned a deal with Regal Barcelona in his native Spain.

Spanish sports rag Marca has the scoop, but since non hablamos espanol muy bien, here's a snippet from Slam.

Details about when the deal will happen are unknown, but what we do know is that Ricky is a long way away from playing in the League. According to Marca, Rubio will sign a six-year deal with Barcelona. The pact features a progressively decaying buyout clause, making it very possible that he'll join the NBA after two more seasons overseas.

Rubio's status with the L-Wolves gets muddier. Will the Wolves retain Rubio's rights by 2011? Will Ricky demand a trade, as he did with DKV this summer?

The move comes on the heels of yesterday's rumor that the Wolves were pondering trading Rubio to the Memphis Grizzlies for Rudy Gay. Don't be surprised if the Wolves end up dealing Rubio--president David Kahn has been aggressively shaking up the roster since taking the healm in May--but, unfortunately for the Wolves, the mop-topped Spaniard is a slightly less enticing commodity now that he'll be across the pond for two more seasons.

One thing's for sure though: there's a vacuum on the roster, and Jonny Flynn is well-postioned to fill it. The rookie out of Syracuse--selected immediately after Rubio at number six pick--has been tearing it up in summer league play.

Speaking of Flynn, no dude under six-feet should be able to do this:

UPDATE: Kahn says no deal has been finalized.

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