Ricky Rubio puts backyard wrestling career on hold, cleared for full-contact practice [VIDEO]

If you think Ricky really spends his free time backyard wresting, then Adidas has some shoes to sell you.
If you think Ricky really spends his free time backyard wresting, then Adidas has some shoes to sell you.

Did you know that during his rehab from knee injury, Ricky Rubio became an avid backyard wrestler?

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The video evidence is right below the jump. But Ricky is now putting his WWE ambitions on hold, as yesterday he was cleared for full-contact basketball practice, paving the way for him to return to game action sometime this month.

That's pretty exciting, but arguably less so than the idea of the Spanish heartthrob body slamming rednecks in a backyard near you:

As the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal notes, Ricky's first Adidas commercial since he signed an endorsement deal with the company last month even stimulated the local economy -- it was filmed in the Hamline University gym and at the Spasso wine bar in Minnetonka.

Ricky once infamously said: "I'm Ricky Rubio, I'm not like anybody else." In a statement posted on the Timberwolves' website announcing Ricky's impending return, President of Basketball Operations David Kahn confirmed that indeed, "Ricky's different."

"I think he showed that last year in the way he played. His maturity and the kind of moxie he exhibited," Kahn said. "He's just different from other players. None of us doubted his ability to apply that type of discipline with his rehab, but watching I'm just more impressed with him."

No specific timetable for Ricky's return to game action is in place, but it sounds as though it shouldn't happen much longer than two weeks from now at the latest.

And Lord the basketball gods know the Wolves could use some Rubio right about now. Last night, 24 hours after breaking a five-game skid with a somewhat lucky win in Sacramento, the Wolves fell to the Clippers in Los Angeles, dropping their record to a disappointing 6-8. But it's still early in the season, and once Ricky returns to the court, what isn't possible?

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