Ricky Rubio on sick no-look pass during Rising Stars game: "I have eyes in my back" [VIDEO]

This Ricky Rubio guy... he's not like anybody else.
This Ricky Rubio guy... he's not like anybody else.

The All-Star Weekend's Rising Stars game is pretty much a glorified pickup contest, but still -- a no-look, through-the-legs pass is a no-look, through-the-legs pass.

-- Ricky's return started off promisingly...
-- ... but went off the rails for a while

Perhaps the top highlight from last Friday's action was a gorgeous how-did-he-do-that dish from Ricky Rubio, who is looking more and more like the player who had Timberwolves fans so excited last season before he blew out his ACL.

Here it is:

Following a five-day break, the Wolves returned to practice today, and Rubio was asked how he was able to see Bradley Beal cutting to the hoop for the slam without even looking at him.

His reply was characteristic: "I have eyes in my back."

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