Ricky Rubio: Don't open before 2012?


Ricky Rubio, the basketball Jonas, Pistol Pete incarnate, assist machine, phenom, hyped-up version of Adam Morrison, whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-him is not coming to the Timberwolves until 2011. But ESPN's Chris Sheridan offers another take. Rubio won't be coming to the Wolves, or any other team until 2012. Reason: it's about the money.

Sheridan gets to the point midway through the story:
In short, if Rubio comes in 2011, the rules say he can earn a maximum of $16.3 million in his first four seasons. If he comes in 2012, he won't be boxed into that rookie-scale deal.

So our Spanish Jonas is waiting for the cash, and waiting to mature in Barcelona. That's fine and dandy. For him. The rest of us who had hopes of a Beatles like atmosphere in the Target are going to have to wait. Which sucks. American's hate to wait. That's why we pack 3 meals worth of calories into one sitting.

So screw you Ricky Rubio! You and your Spanish Mullet. I hope you choke on a plate of paella.

Go Jonny Flynn!