Ricky Rubio confirms Timberwolves commitment

Regal Barcelona point guard Ricky Rubio uttered some words on Friday that Timberwolves fans have longed to hear since the 2009 draft:

"I have finally decided to go to the NBA," he told reporters at a press conference in Spain. "I have a dream that can now become reality."

The Timberwolves confirmed the deal this morning.

This has been agonizing. Just the other day it sounded as though the 20-year-old hoopster whiz kid was getting cold feet, with talk about his future with Barcelona.

Put it down to Spanish-English translation issues, then?

"It's just a formality. It's done," NBA commissioner David Stern told ESPN.

Rubio teased the news via Twitter:

"Goodnight everyone," Rubio tweeted in Spanish. "Tomorrow morning I give a press conference to say my future. A hug and see you tomorrow."

Then: "On the way to Palau to give the press conference. Soon you will have the news. Thank you all for your unconditional support."

Then the Timberwolves chimed in:

Welcome to the worst team in the league, Ricky. Please do whatever you can to help. Also, we're looking forward to your "rueda de prensa" here.

Now, the next big question is: Will Kurt Rambis be Rubio's coach?


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