Rick Spielman reacts to Vikings having more players arrested this month than wins all season

Rick Spielman reacts to Vikings having more players arrested this month than wins all season

News of Erin Henderson's arrest means we now know of (at least) three Vikings who have been arrested so far this month alone. (The since-released A.J. Jefferson and Jerome Simpson being the other two.)

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In other words, the Vikings have had one more player arrested this month than they have wins during this megafail of a season (the team is 2-8-1). Purple pride, anyone?

As news of Henderson's arrest circulated this morning, embattled GM Rick Spielman released this statement:

The fact that we have had three recent off field situations is unacceptable and disappointing. Our organization looks at each situation and the circumstances involved to determine our actions with those players and how to best move forward.

The Vikings have a comprehensive approach with our player development program and excellent resources that are a part of this organization, but certainly we will take a methodical look at how we can improve upon our current programs to prevent these situations in the future.

We know Spielman likes to control the messages coming out of Winter Park, and today, coach Leslie Frazier didn't stray from his boss's script at all while answering reporters' questions about Henderson's arrest and the team's response to it:

Heading into the season, no team had more players arrested over the previous 13 years than the Purple. So yeah, it seems like that "player development program" Spielman refers to is overdue for some retooling.

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