Rick Olseen, Kory Kath introduce legislation aimed at curtailing Pawlenty's PlateGate

Another PlateGate development: We told you last week how DFL Sen. Don Betzold accused Gov. Tim Pawlenty of diverting money from the "Support Our Troops" license plate campaign into the governor's office. About $30,000 went to pay the salary of a Pawlenty employee involved with faith-based initiatives -- cash that by law should have gone to either the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Military Affairs.

Legislation was introduced today that would put the brakes on using the fund for that purpose, and require that the Legislature be notified if transfers are made from the account, the Strib reported. It would also require that the $30,000 transferred from the fund last year be returned. The Senate version was sponsored by Sen. Rick Olseen, DFL-Harris. The House version was sponsored by Rep. Kory Kath, DFL-Owatonna.

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