Richard Martin, dad who let baby smoke weed, gets only 45 days

Model parent Richard Martin told police his baby asks to smoke weed.

Model parent Richard Martin told police his baby asks to smoke weed.

Richard Warren Martin would rather give his baby weed than Tylenol. Or so he told the cops earlier this year. That’s part of the reason his kids are no longer in his care. That, and he’s going to jail on Tuesday.

Back in February, St. Paul cops raided Martin’s home after learning the father of two was slanging weed out of the East Side house, where he kept a small basement grow lab. He told police he lived there with his mom, who owned the place. On the afternoon of February 26, St. Paul’s finest knocked on the door to execute a search warrant. When no one answered they let themselves in and found a 10-year-old “screaming hysterically” on the couch with a 1-year-old standing nearby.

“Is this about the drugs in the basement?” asked the 10-year-old, as cops took the girls out of the house upon finding “flammable and dangerous chemicals” in the lower level.

In the basement, police found seven marijuana plants, a host of smoking devices, scales and baggies, plus equipment to make THC oil and wax. Oh, and a "baby play system" on the floor. Upstairs they discovered a loaded Colt .45 under a bed, which 32-year-old Martin said he grabbed because he thought he was being robbed before realizing it was police at his door.

Police also obtained search warrants to peek at Martin and his wife Molly Ann Martin’s Facebook accounts. Molly, the mother of the youngest child, had pictures of a woman’s hand holding a packed weed pipe and hash oil vaporizer to the baby’s mouth. Richard told police the baby smokes weed and even asks for it. Not her older sister, though. She “hates” the stuff.

Both parents were initially charged with child endangerment, with Richard getting a bonus fifth-degree weed-selling charge. The parent of the year candidate pleaded guilty to the drug charge and was sentenced to 45 days in jail and five years of supervised probation earlier this month. With four days previously logged, he’ll start the rest of the sentence Tuesday.

Molly initially claimed she knew nothing of the marijuana plants conspicuously placed in the basement where she lived, despite brilliantly posting Facebook pics of said plants and allegedly making drops to Richard’s friends.

Regardless, Richard took the heat for the weed setup, while Molly was sentenced to 11 days of house arrest on the child endangerment charge. The prosecuting attorney with Ramsey County was unavailable for comment Monday. However, a spokesman for the Ramsey County Attorney’s office noted that Richard Martin had no prior drug convictions and that prison time wasn’t an option under Minnesota sentencing guidelines.

A child protection case against the Martins is ongoing. In the meantime, neither of the girls are living with them. The eldest is staying with her biological mother, while the toddler is in protective care.