Richard Hegquist has been arrested 44 times in 18 Minnesota counties, convicted of 12 felonies

Richard Hegquist
Richard Hegquist

What Barry Bonds was to homers, Richard Hegquist is to getting arrested.

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The 37-year-old Ham Lake resident was sentenced yesterday for his 12th felony, this time for beating up and robbing the owner of Hermantown Car and Pet Wash in July.

With a track record like that, you might be surprised to learn that Hegquist was only sentenced to a little less than six years in prison. But that's how it turned out, meaning he'll have a chance to complete a baker's dozen of felonies by the time he's 45.

As the Duluth News Tribune reports, Hegquist's modest sentence for the aggravated robbery conviction was the result of a plea deal. Had his latest case gone to trial, he could've been convicted as a "career offender" and faced up to 40 years behind bars.

The Tribune also provides some background about Hegquist's hard-to-match criminal history:

In 1996, Hegquist had his first recorded arrest for underage consumption of alcohol at age 20. His first felony drug charge came in 2004, for possession of marijuana. After that, he saw a string of charges for theft by check, forgery and theft by swindle charges all in the same year.

His first burglary charge came in 2005. Later that year, he was found guilty of the theft by check charge, his first conviction. That case was the first of several financial crimes that later included a felonious aggravated forgery conviction.

Since 2005, Hegquist also has been convicted in numerous property theft and burglary cases, pleading guilty to first-degree damage to property, taking property without consent, receiving stolen property and theft of gasoline, among others.

Convictions aside, Hegquist has been arrested 44 times in 18 Minnesota counties, including just about every single one in the metro area. To see his arrest record represented in a map, click here.

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