Richard Armstrong of Mpls broke out axe and blowtorch when wife said she's leaving him

Armstrong didn't take news his wife wants a divorce well.
Armstrong didn't take news his wife wants a divorce well.

No doubt, it's not fun news for anyone to receive, but still, there are better and worse ways to react when told your spouse is leaving you.

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File this one under the 'worse ways' heading: Richard Armstrong, 40, a resident on the 2800 block of 30th Avenue South in Minneapolis, allegedly ran after his presumably soon-to-be ex-wife with a lit blowtorch on the evening of September 17 after she told him she'd had enough of their marriage.

From the Minneapolis Police Department:

The victim told officers she began divorce proceedings against her husband that day and when she got home she found her husband on the porch holding a double-bladed axe wanting to "talk" with her. After getting her children into the home she attempted to talk to the suspect who then produced a blow torch, lit it, and chased the victim around the home.

KARE reports that the woman was somehow able to round up her children and escape to a vehicle on the street without suffering bodily harm.

Officers arrived and a struggle with Armstrong ensued, but he was eventually arrested. He told officers he was so intoxicated he doesn't remember the incident.

Armstrong's been charged with a felony count of making terroristic threats and faces up to five years in prison.

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