Richard Antwon Mayes-Lindsay charged with murdering Mario Combs after dice game turns ugly

Mario D. Combs was gunned down Friday after a dice game turned ugly, and Richard Antwon Mayes-Lindsay has been charged with his murder. He's being held in Hennepin County jail on $1 million bond.

A witness told Minneapolis police that the dice game started last Thursday night at a friend's apartment and lasted well into the early hours of Friday morning, fueled by heavy drinking.

Mayes-Lindsay, 22, was losing his money and angry.

At about 3 a.m. the game broke up, and not long after that he got into two separate arguments on the phone, with Combs and another man identified by police only as C.B. During that second call, Mayes-Lindsay told C.B. that he was right outside his house. Five gunshots rang out from the street while the two were on the phone.

The argument still wasn't over, though. Police say that 31-year-old Combs, his girlfriend and C.B. showed up later Friday at Mayes-Lindsay's brother's house on 29th Avenue North to talk things over. Mayes-Lindsay came out the house and began arguing with C.B., then punched him and pulled out a gun.

The two wrestled for control of the pistol, but broke things up when an MPD squad car cruised by. At that point, C.B. figured the confrontation was over and told police that he had started to walk away. Instead, he heard gunshots, turned around, and watched as Mayes-Lindsay shot Combs and then then run away.

Mayes-Lindsay's brother later told police that Combs was also carrying a gun, but never fired it, and that it was his brother who started shooting.

By the time police got to the scene Friday night, Combs was dead, lying face down against a garbage can in front of the house. There was a fully-loaded .357 Magnum tucked in his waistband, and a .44 caliber pistol lying in the snow near him. The .44 was also loaded.

Police caught up with Mayes-Lindsay the next day and arrested him.

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