RIAA "kind of missed the point" on file sharing story: Comment Of The Day

Read: <a href="" target="_blank">Download Martyr</a>.

Read: Download Martyr.

Our cover story on Jammie Thomas-Rasset's battle with the Recording Industry of America over music file sharing has drawn a lot of attention, including from the RIAA itself.

We published the organization's official rebuttal today. In it, spokeswoman Cara Duckworth Weiblinger says Thomas-Rasset "doesn't take this case seriously," and that everyone in the music industry is "profoundly impacted by the kind of music theft Ms. Thomas-Rasset willfully engaged in."

Then we had a new round of feedback, including this comment from "Kermit":


"Well...isn't it laughable? I think the point is well made that she maybe wasn't innocent under the statutory requirements, but that it was ridiculous to keep pressing this issue as a part of RIAA's outdated approach to the new frontier or listening to and acquiring music. Kind of missed the point, Ms. Duckworth.

Thomas-Rasset has been found liable for sharing 24 copyrighted songs on the Internet. Last November, a Minneapolis jury said Thomas-Rasset owes the industry $1.5 million. Read RIAA's rebuttal here. And then read our cover story here.