Rex Sorgatz returns to MnSpeak to defend himself from NY Observer

Rex Sorgatz is not having a good day.

It started last night, when he Twittered an apt quote from Tina Fey:

"If you ever start to feel too good about yourself, they have this thing called the internet."

And then came the sexcapade in print that was the New York Observer's profile of Sorgatz, cheekily named "Rex and the City," as well as the inevitable Gawker post dissecting same.

Hell, even we got in on the act.

After being masticated all day by New York's so-called media elite, Sorgatz returned to the friendly home territory of the website he created, MnSpeak, to defend himself against charges he's a douche, a lout, and a fabricator.

On the accuracy of the article, which mistook his nieces for nephews (or was it the other way around?):

Oh god, you want an error count? Too many!

On an accusation that he inflated his role in a local Pulitzer:


I, personally, did not get a mention for a Pulitzer. I said that the website, which I ran, did.

I was co-editor of the HPR, with Ian. I started... maybe a month after it was launched. I lived in the crawl space above the photo lab for a winter. It was miserable.