Rev. Tom Brock is back on the job with his lust for men in check

Look who's back: Rev. Tom Brock. After years of railing against gay folk, he was outed in June by Lavender magazine. But he's all better now. True, he tells the Associated Press, he lusts after men. But it's OK for him to stay in the clergy because he's never actually, well, you know, um, done the gay thing. Just thought about it, he insists.

The pastor of Hope Lutheran Church had made a cottage industry out of ranting and raving about allowing gay clergy to be ministers.

"The apostasy is now complete," he said after the Evangelical Lurtheran Church of American voted last year to allow gay ministers. His own church bailed on the ELCA and joined the joined the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations in process.

But in June, his participation in a religious program designed to help homosexuals curb their behavior was made public. Freelance journalist John Townsend infiltrated the group and learned that Brock has traveled to Eastern Europe, where he said he "fell into temptation."

His church benched him. But he's managed to persuade the powers that be that his "temptation" did not include matters of flesh -- he's a virgin at 57! -- and he's back on the job.

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