Reuben Ramcharit, 19, charged with groping woman while on the clock at Cub Foods

Ramcharit confessed to molesting three women while on the job at Cub Foods last Wednesday.
Ramcharit confessed to molesting three women while on the job at Cub Foods last Wednesday.

Last Wednesday afternoon, a 22-year-old woman called police and reported that she'd been groped earlier that day in the parking lot of Cub Foods' Stillwater location.

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An analysis of security footage indicated that the groper was 19-year-old store employee Reuben Ramcharit, who was arrested while he was on the clock.

The footage showed Ramcharit groping the woman between her legs and rubbing up against her as she walked to her car, according to a Star Tribune report.

In an interview with police following his arrest, the Somerset resident not only admitting to groping the woman who reported the Stillwater incident, he also confessed to groping at least three other women, two earlier that day at the same Cub and another on March 30 at a shopping center in Roseville. In fact, Ramcharit was charged in connection with the March 30 incident and a warrant for his arrest in Ramsey County was active at the time of the Cub incident.

Authorities are asking any other women who may have been victimized by Ramcharit to come forward.

"I do have concerns that there are some unreported instances he's not confessing to at this point," Stillwater police Sergeant Jeff Stender told the Pioneer Press last Friday. At the time, Ramcharit's name and mugshot were being withheld in order not to compromise the investigation into other possible cases.

Stender went on to say he had "extreme public-safety concerns" about Ramcharit.

"My concern is that he would move into a further sexual assault," Stender told the PiPress. "If [he allegedly groped] one woman on March 30 and three on April 3, he's already ratcheted up his activity."

Ramcharit was charged with a gross misdemeanor count of criminal sexual conduct. He was fired from his job at Cub as soon as the allegations against him came to light.

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