Retek building shots fired report made by Target employee, no evidence of actual shots fired [UPDATE]

The Retek building, site of today's shots fired report.
The Retek building, site of today's shots fired report.

A Target employee who works in the Retek building provided some details about this morning's shots fired report to City Pages.

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She said she tried to enter the building around 11:30 a.m. but found the elevators roped off by security. She also saw three cops walk by, one of them toting a rifle.

Then, a Target security guard told her -- "You need to move out."

"It's an active shooting on the 7th, 8th, or 10th floor," she said.

The employee said she hasn't seen an ambulances on site, but there are at least eight police squad cars in front of the building.

According to KARE 11, a Target spokesperson has confirmed a "security incident in the building." Employees have been asked to stay in their offices.

:::: UPDATE ::::

The Target employee says the subject of the email from internal security requesting that employees stay in their offices is "Black Friday petition delivery"

:::: UPDATE, noon ::::

Here are a couple photos from the scene:

:::: UPDATE 12:11 ::::

Here's what the MPD has said about the shots fired report thus far:

:::: UPDATE, 12:14 ::::

From the Strib:

Ivan Trushin, who was in the Retek Building Friday morning, said he heard a voice come over the public address system and say, "Active shooter alert." Then workers were advised to stay in their offices. Trushin was able to leave the building, and didn't see or hear anything related to the reported shooting.

:::: UPDATE, 12:18 ::::

KSTP reports that Target Corp PR "is focused on their employees and has no comment."

:::: UPDATE, 12:22 ::::

From the city of Minneapolis:

And from Fox's Tom Lyden:

:::: UPDATE, 12:26 ::::

Sgt. McCarty says there's no indication any shots were actually fired.

:::: UPDATE, 12:30 ::::

KARE reports that the initial 911 call came from a Target security employee, and it pertained to some sort of incident that occurred on the 10th floor of the Retek building. But it does not appear any shots were actually fired.

From Tom Lyden:

Here's a photo from Sgt. McCarty's news conference outside the building:

:::: UPDATE, 12:37 ::::

At his news conference, Sgt. McCarty said (via the Strib):

"At this particular time, there is no evidence that any shots have been fired, no victims, no suspects, no evidence of an actual shooting, and the search is continuing as we speak," McCarty said.

:::: UPDATE, 1:18 ::::

A Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal report suggests the sound that prompted a Target employee to call 911 and report shots fired may just have been something mechanical.

From Sam Black:

A spokesman for the police department said someone on the 10th floor of the building called security to report a loud noise that could have been gunshots.

A SWAT team was sent into the building, but police said they found nothing to substantiate the report. The police spokesman said the reported noise could have mechanical noise from the building itself.

One unresolved question is why the email sent to employees by internal security requesting that they stay in their offices had the subject: "Black Friday petition delivery."

:::: UPDATE, 1:43 :::::

New Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau just gave a press conference where she put a bow on the craziness that unfolded at the Retek building in downtown Minneapolis following a shots fired report.

"After a search, there's no evidence of any kind that there were shots fired or any shooting," Harteau said. "What we're understanding is that the initial caller heard a popping sound, [possibly] something in the duct work, but we haven't had an opportunity to get to that level of detail."

The building has now been given "all clear" status, Harteau added.

Standing by Harteau's side, Lieutenant Rick Zimmerman said five people in the building heard the popping sound, which he characterized as like something "hitting a piece of sheet metal." But while people in one area of the 10th floor heard the sound, others in the next conference room over heard nothing.

People heard one loud pop in the vicinity of the building's ventilation system, Zimmerman said, and then contacted Target security. Security, in turn, contacted the police, leading to the building being locked down.

Harteau was asked whether she'd discourage people from calling 911 in similar circumstances in the future given the panic that ensued following today's shots fired report.

"The last thing we would want is somebody not to call the police in the event they hear a sound," she responded.

:::: UPDATE, 3:54 ::::

The Minneapolis Police Department released the following statement about today's Retek building shots fired report:

Retek building shots fired report made by Target employee, no evidence of actual shots fired [UPDATE]

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