Restraining order claims Bill Pulkrabek is an alcoholic cat abuser who freaks over skin cream

It sounds like Bill Pulkrabek is not doing so great.

It sounds like Bill Pulkrabek is not doing so great.

A restraining order filed against Washington County Commissioner and former Michele Bachmann campaign manager Bill Pulkrabek claims that he is an abusive alcoholic who refuses to get help.

The restraining order was filed by Pulkrabek's girlfriend in the wake of Pulkrabek's domestic assault arrest last week that alleged he choked his lady friend and dragged her out of his home by her hair.

The alleged assault took place in the Woodbury apartment Pulkrabek shares with Brian LeClair, a former adviser to Tim Pawlenty. Pulkrabek's wife, Oakdale City Councilwoman Lori Pulkrabek, has since revealed that they have been in the process of getting divorced for six months.


Pulkrabek escaped a felony prosecution this week when the Ramsey County Attorney decided not to bring charges over the incident. The Woodbury City Attorney is still considering whether to bring lesser charges.

Now, Pulkrabek's alleged victim has added more detail to her account of the incident with a request for an Order of Protection from Pulkrabek. The story she tells is disturbing, sad and bizarre.

Pulkrabek's girlfriend says she has been seeing him daily for two and a half years. When she visited him on Monday at the Woodbury home where he's been living since separating from his wife six months ago, it was to pick up her cat, which Pulkrabek had been sitting. It was about 3 p.m.

Tim Pawlenty's got friends in low places.

Tim Pawlenty's got friends in low places.

"When he came to the door to let me in," the girlfriend writes in her petition for a restraining order, "I noticed he hadn't shaved or combed his hair and he was still wearing his pajamas."

Seizing on his rumpled condition, the girlfriend told Pulkrabek she was sick of his drinking problem and that he needed to get counseling and go to AA meetings if their relationship was going to continue. Pulkrabek became upset.

"I saw Bill pick up my cat and forcefully shove him in his carrier. Then Bill opened the carrier to put the toys inside. My cat attempted to get out and Bill put his hand over the cat's face and shoved him in again."

After the cat abuse, the story gets a little more bizarre. The girlfriend, frightened, retreated to the bathroom, where she noticed a bottle of Estee Lauder Skincare she had given Pulkrabek as part of a market-research study. She took the bottle back.

But when she came back out of the bathroom, she says, Pulkrabek noticed she had taken the Estee Lauder Skincare product and flew into a rage.

"He immediately grabbed my purse from my hands and started rumaging through it. He was screaming at me to give it back and I was able to get my purse back in my possession."

When he couldn't get his Estee Lauder skin cream, Pulkrabek became violent, according to the restraining order.

"Bill came at me, grabbed a fist-full of my hair and shoved me to his bed. I was on my back and he was on top of me, pinning me with his hands and knees. He put his forearm across my throat, cutting off my air supply."

After what seemed like forever, she says, Pulkrabek let her up. He grabbed her by the hair again, then dragged her down the stairs and out the door and threw her onto the sidewalk, hurling her shoes at her.

She rushed to her car, locked the door, drove down the block, and called 911.

Checking herself in the rear-view mirror, she saw her neck and chest were read where she had been strangled, and she was missing a significant amount of hair.

The girlfriend said she is concerned that Pulkrabek was released after his arrest.

"I am extremely scared Bill will retaliate and try to hurt me. He has keys to my home and he has an extremely violent temper -- especially when he's been drinking. BIll is an alcoholic and has not been willing or able to get sober."

The Oakdale Patch has the complete Order for Protection request.

The skin cream that sparked the confrontation.

The skin cream that sparked the confrontation.

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