Resources for Mothering Virtually

There are a number of places parents can look for other parents on the Internet. Mailing lists are a great way to join a community of other like-minded moms or dads, and they require very little effort, as messages from online friends will flow into your email inbox each day. Descriptions and subscription information for most publicly available parenting lists can be found on the WWW at:


Other Websites containing special-interest parenting email lists include: for stay at home attachment parents for working attachment parents for parents of premature babies for feminist mothers at home for discussion of vaginal birth after cesarian, pregnancy after miscarriage and homebirth for due date pregnancy lists

Parenting message boards abound on the Internet. They are perfect for discussion of single issues such as "kids with asthma" or "baby-gear bargains." Some of the best include:

Popular parenting newsgroups include:

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