Republicans want "Choose Life" license plates

The "Choose Life" llicense plate being proposed by Republicans.

The "Choose Life" llicense plate being proposed by Republicans.

Republicans are busy in the culture warrior kitchen.

Today, a group of them introduced H.F. 91, which calls for the creation of "Choose Life" license plates. Funds from the sale of the plates would be directed only to counties that agree to limit distribution to groups that counsel and treat pregnant women seeking adoption services--and oppose abortion:

A county may not distribute funds to any agency that is directly or indirectly involved in or associated with abortion activities, including counseling for, or referrals to abortion clinics, providing medical abortion-related procedures, or pro-abortion advertising; or any agency that charges women for services received.

The license plate project is part of a national effort by a group called Choose Life, Inc. Thirty-eight states now have the plates.

Florida was the first state to approve a Choose Life license plate. And the bill was challenged every step of the way by those who did not favor the pro-life position.
The Minnesota Republicans behind the bill: Larry Howes (Walker), Kurt Daudt (Crown), Mary Kiffmeyer (Big Lake), Bob Gunther (Fairmont), Steve Gottwalt (St. Cloud), Ron Shimanski (Silver Lake), Steve Drazkowski (Mazeppa), Bob Dettmer (Forest Lake), Bruce Anderson (Buffalo), David Hancock (Bemidji), Kelby Woodard (Belle Plaine), Dan Fabian (Roseau), Jim Abeler (Anoka), Mike Benson (Rochester), Bruce Vogel (Willmar).

Earlier this week, Steve Drazkowski, mentioned above, submitted a bill to make English the official state language. He was also the driving force behind a failed attempt in the last session to pass an Arizona-style immigration law in Minnesota.