Republicans tip better than you do. Maybe.


59 percent of Republicans claim they tip 15 percent or more. Just 46 percent of Democrats admit to meeting the same threshold, meaning they're either broke, or their generosity only arrives when someone else is picking up the tab. Fibonacci Blue

According to stereotype, mushy-hearted liberals are ready and willing to redistribute their dollars – and everyone else’s – to anyone with an outstretched hand.

Conservatives, by contrast, are known to believe wealth comes only to those who work hard. And that’s just the way Jesus likes it -- despite all that stuff he said in the Bible, where he was clearly misquoted.

But a new study says men, people who live in the Northeast and – gasp! – Republicans are the most generous tippers.

That word arrives courtesy of Princeton Survey Research Associates. Its poll conducted last month reveals that 59 percent of Republicans tip at least 15 percent. Just 46 percent of Democrats admit to meeting that threshold.

The theory behind the discrepancy is not one of GOP generosity; it’s wealth. Statistically speaking, the wealthier you are, the more likely you are to be A) Republican and B) in possession of a Visa card that doesn’t come with scary numbers in the debt column each month.

Republicans are also more likely to be men, who make $1 for every 79 cents earned by a woman. And men, needless to say, may be more inclined to try to impress others – say, a pretty waitress – even if they don’t have a chance. (No, really. She’s not the least bit interested.)

Or at least those are the theories.

Still, there’s reason to be suspicious of the findings. The survey sampled 1,000 people, but allowed respondents to declare their own tipping habits. It’s possible that some inflated their beneficence rather than admit to a stranger that they’re actually cheap bastards in real life.


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