Republicans threaten Minnesota with 'European-style single-payer' healthcare [VIDEO]


The GOP plan to control Congress includes scaring people about single-payer healthcare and the ghost of whoever was in this wheelchair. Youtube

Republicans spent eight years saying how terrible Obamacare is, how badly it needs fixing, and how they were just the right guys to do it.

Then one morning the GOP woke up to discover they had complete control of government: the White House, the U.S. House, the Senate, federal agencies, the military,  Area 51, the Grand Canyon, those golf carts we sent to Mars. All of it.

Turns out, they were not just the right guys. President Donald Trump has somehow declared this a victory, claiming his plan all along was to let Obamacare "fail," a leadership strategy that was only made bolder by the fact he tweeted it.

More rational Republicans realize they can't campaign saying, "We did nothing, everything sucks, you're welcome." And they hope you don't remember the stuff that was actually in those reform bills they had.

Is it possible they can get you afraid of Democratic healthcare reform... that hasn't even happened yet? Minnesotans are about to find out. On Thursday, the National Republican Congressional Committee launched a targeted digital ad campaign in eight states, including this one.

The ad features a number of high-profile Democrats, like Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Chuck Schumer, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. (Ladies! Jews! Music that sounds like a Batman movie!) There's also a clip of Minnesota DFL U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan, widely considered one of the only vulnerable Democrats left in Congress. 

(Bonus: A spooky image of an empty wheelchair in a hallway. Where's the wheelchair owner? Maybe she got dragged out of Mitch McConnell's office.) 

The ad is supposed to convince people that Democrats, if they got control of Congress, would implement a "European-style single-payer health care plan." It then cynically uses the sad recent case of Charlie Gard, the English baby whose parents fought with doctors about his treatment.

The voiceover warns of "government control of your doctor, hospital, and even your prescriptions" -- even what you watch on TV, according to the image on the screen.

One thing's for sure. You do not want this voiceover guy calling the shots. He sounds terrifying.

And here's a video that will probably scare the same conservatives who made this ad. It's Rick Nolan calmly explaining why he supports single-payer healthcare. 

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