Republicans take control of state Senate, possibly House

Republicans sweep the legislature?

Republicans sweep the legislature?

In all the talk of a GOP surge in congress and a close governor's race, there wasn't a whole lot of consideration that Republicans might actually take control of both chambers of the legislature. Surprise! That's now looking like a serious possibility. [jump]

Going into yesterday's vote, Democrats had a seemingly unshakable grip on the statehouse, with a 21-seat margin in the house and a 13-seat edge in the senate.

Not anymore. With just over 70 percent of precincts reporting, those margins are evaporating, and Republican control of the senate looks certain. As of 2:30 this morning, it appears that they will hold a 37 to 32 majority in the senate.

The final tally on the house side may not be certain for some time. The Associated Press is giving Republicans a one-seat lead in races it considers settled, and the state GOP is claiming control, but there are still a lot of races outstanding, and at least three Republican victories are so close that they will be subject to automatic recounts.

We'll update as more information becomes available.