Republicans send fake census forms to Minnesota households


The irony is irresistible: The Republican National Committee, which along with Michele Bachmann has been leading a campaign of criticism and mistrust regarding the 2010 U.S. Census over allegations of corruption because of ACORN, now appears to be sullying the reputation of the survey itself with a political mailing it labels as a "census" and an "official document."

More from Minnesota Public Radio:

Dennis Johnson, regional director for the U.S. Census in Minnesota and several other states, said the forms from the RNC had been sent to at least one other state earlier this month.

"There are some organizations that try to take advantage of the extra publicity surrounding the census," Johnson said.

While Johnson said that raises concerns, he said U.S. Census officials plan a major public awareness campaign in the next few months to make sure people know what the real census form looks like.

It's an old tactic, as this Google search shows.