Republicans remind us that Franken is a failure in life


Finally another awesome comeback spewed like an angry grade-school kid. As the Senate debate here in Minnesota rages on, the National Republican Senatorial Committee would like to remind all of you that Al Franken is a complete loser in the game of life. Ouch.

We reported on the upcoming Franken fundraiser in New York City and the Republicans jumped at the chance to say something about it.

According to the New York Times:

John Randall, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee fired back: “Franken is returning home a failure at something else. First it was his radio show, now his Senate campaign, although he is allegedly doing everything he can to try and change that after the votes have been cast.”

We can't really take their comments seriously after they had the ultimate fail: they distributed an anti-Franken mailer that resembled a comic book for kids and then informed the innocent kiddos that Franken likes to joke about raping women and write porn.