Republicans freak out over Franken win, convinced America is crumbling


Republicans seem to still be in denial that Al Franken actually won Minnesota's vacant U.S. Senate seat. It happened, folks. Deal with it. It was one of the most closely scrutinized election processes ever and multiple judges found no widespread problems that could have changed the final outcome. Done and done.

We aren't Franken's biggest fans either, but it's time to get over the fact that he won and wait to see what he actually does as senator. So you don't think he's "all there" or he's a "clown" or whatever other hilarious name-calling you can come up with. Judge him based on the job he does once he starts instead of whining about it now. There's no use and you are filling the world with your mouth garbage.

Media Matters has a great round up of some of the Republican TV pundits proclaiming their dislike and denial over Franken's win. Check it out below.