Republicans drop Petters cash too

We reported this week that several Democratic politicians and candidates dropped their dirty money from pathetically jailed millionaire Tom Petters to clear their conscience. Now the Republicans are following in their foot steps. Not even the Republicans are greedy enough to keep that cash around.

Sen. Norm Coleman plans to give the $4,600 since 2003 from Petters to Boys & Girls Club. No word on the $2,000 he received during the 2002 Senate race

Petters might have one bright spot in his future: Pawlenty will refund his $4,000 contribution. That makes a good dent in the more than $3 billion he might owe investors if he is found guilty. Pawlenty's political director said state finance campaign laws only allow them to donate $50.

Petters has given at least $400,000 to political campaigns, parties or interests over the years, more than half of it to Minnesotans running for state or federal offices, according to the Star Tribune.

In other Petters news, about 50 employees of Petters Group Worldwide companies are expected to get layoff notices today.

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