Republicans call for Rep. Ryan Winkler to resign following "Uncle Thomas" tweet

We'd imagine Winkler hasn't been smiling too much the past 24 hours.
We'd imagine Winkler hasn't been smiling too much the past 24 hours.

Being skewered by the twitterverse is one thing, but resigning from the Minnesota legislature? That's another altogether.

THE BACKSTORY: Rep. Ryan Winkler says he thought "Uncle Tom" meant "turncoat"

Yet some Republicans believe Democratic Golden Valley Representative Ryan Winkler's ill-considered "Uncle Thomas" tweet should mark the end of his six-year tenure in office.

Yesterday, former Florida Congresman-turned-Fox News personality Allen West, ex-Minnesota for Marriage brain wizard and Bachmann chief of staff Andy Parrish, and 2012 MNGOP Keith Ellison sacrificial lamb Congress candidate Chris Fields all called for Winkler's resignation.

Here's West's (inaccurate) tweet (Paula Dean was actually fired) calling for Winkler's resignation (it's been retweeted more than 1,000 times as of this morning):

Parrish was so worked up over "Uncle Thomas," he actually wanted to protest outside Winkler's home:

And Fields told political reporter Pat Kessler that Winkler should resign from the legislature and characterized the "Uncle Thomas" tweet as "offensive and hurtful."

Sure, West, Parrish, and Fields aren't exactly a murderer's row of Republicans -- after all, all three failed in their respective bids to be reelected, win an amendment campaign, and be elected during the most recent election cycle -- but still, the calls for Winkler's resignation show that all it takes to derail a promising political career is one ill-advised tweet.

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