Republicans Bag on Congressman Rick Nolan for Not Launching Another War

No, the NCRR will not be your neighbor.

No, the NCRR will not be your neighbor.

Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan has a target on his back. The National Republican Congressional Committee knows his northeast Minnesota district isn't altogether safely blue. So the NRCC regularly beams out missives blasting Nolan for moral failings great and small.

But in its quest to soil him by any means necessary, sometimes the allegations are comically absurd.

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Last week, NRCC spokesman Zach Hunter harangued the congressman for opposing military action against ISIS:

"At a recent speech, Nolan naively and unequivocally said the U.S. should not get involved in overseas conflicts and let 'those countries' solve their own problems," Hunter shrieked.

In that speech, which took place at a Brainerd Lakes League of Women Voters event, Nolan said tax dollars that went to the war in Iraq could have been better spent on helping college students graduate without debt.

He didn't actually mention ISIS, though he's previously urged President Obama to target specific terrorists who murder Americans instead of launching airstrikes over Syria.

Quibble if you may, but it's not an unreasonable opinion. After two wars that burned through thousands of lives and billions of dollars -- only to leave to continued chaos -- it's safe to say America isn't particularly skilled at solving the woes of countries afar. And taking on ISIS would undoubtedly mean yet another long occupation.

But while Hunter doesn't advocate a new war himself, he nonetheless reframes Nolan's position as pro-genocide and rape-supportive.

"In Nolan's mind, even atrocities such as mass murder, enslaving and sexually abusing women and children, beheading homosexuals, or the execution of the mentally ill don't warrant any sort of response from the United States," Hunter said.

This, ladies and gents, is how the sausage of our glorious democracy is made.

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