Republican National Convention report released


The report on the Republican National Convention police activities was released today. The report is being presented to the St. Paul City Council right now. 

Watch the live meeting here

The report on the Sept. 1-4 convention, which was held at the Xcel Energy Center, concludes that the convention itself was peaceful and safe, but police activity outside needs to be examined further. More than 800 people were arrested. 

Mayor Chris Coleman asked former federal prosecutors -- Republican Thomas Heffelfinger and Democrat Andrew Luger -- to create a commission to examine a range of aspects, from the pre-event planning and investigations to police tactics, the Pioneer Press says.

Here is one of the main conclusions of the report:
Therefore, while the convention was a success on many fronts and promoted Saint Paul to a national and international audience, there were lingering questions and concerns locally. After the convention, some in the protest community stated that they felt "betrayed" by the heavy police presence and questioned whether the "threat" presented by the anarchists warranted such a strong police response; members of the business community wondered what happened to the expected influx of business; and members of the media questioned their treatment and handling.
View the full report here. The report features images and videos used in the report.

We will update as we review the documents.