Republican harasser Tony Cornish wants back into the Minnesota House

Look at this man. Could any woman resist Tony Cornish? Aside from the two who did so publicly? COULD THEY?

Look at this man. Could any woman resist Tony Cornish? Aside from the two who did so publicly? COULD THEY? Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Tony Cornish literally couldn't stay away from the Minnesota House of Representatives for long.

The former legislator from Vernon Center was forced to resign (and settle with his accusers) in 2017 after his exposure as a serial sexual harasser. Cornish had sent leering text messages to then-Rep. Erin Maye Quade, an outspoken progressive Democrat 35 years his junior who is -- as if this sentence weren't already going badly enough for Tony's chances -- married to a woman.

Cornish's other victim to come forward was criminal justice advocate Sarah Walker, who cited numerous inappropriate comments and propositions from Cornish, including his unsolicited description of a "raging boner."

Pretty embarrassing! Unless, like Tony, you're the kind of guy who makes a point of both dressing and talking like the lawman in a Lifetime Western even your horniest aunt couldn't stay up to finish. Such characters feel no shame, as Tony proved when he resurfaced at the Capitol in spring 2018, mere months after his exposure and subsequent resignation.

Then this year, Cornish, who has also probably sexually harassed the Glock he wore to the Capitol, registered as a citizen lobbyist on "2nd Amendment - Gun Owners Rights" and "Constitutional Gun Rights Issues." 

Life as a private citizen isn't sitting right with the seven-and-a-half term member of the House, according to a Mankato Free Press story. Turns out, Tony's mulling a comeback. And who couldn't have seen this coming? If you think the married young lesbian who hates what you think, say, and do wants to hear what you think of her outfit, you suck at knowing what people want.

Cornish claims he can't talk about the allegations against him, the most disturbing of which has him pushing Walker up against a wall in his Capitol office and trying to kiss her, citing a settlement he'd reached with accusers -- exactly the kind of phrase you want in the press before you launch a political campaign.

Rep. Jeremy Munson, R-Crystal Lake, who inherited the conservative House District Cornish vacated, tells the Free Press Cornish "certainly has a right to run," though the former legislator promised to him earlier this year he wouldn't.

Cornish, only a man of his word if that word is "boner," rescinded that promise, saying he'd heard complaints Munson wasn't engaged and wouldn't vote to fund local infrastructure projects. Some of those complaints came from Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, chair of the powerful Senate Finance Committee.

In fact, Rosen's one of the people who thinks Cornish belongs back in the House, telling the Free Press he'd still be an "effective legislator," despite his fall from grace.

Rosen says resigning when he did was "the honorable thing," but adds "no one has really heard Tony's side of the story." They still won't, if Cornish continues to claim he's bound to silence by settlement agreements.

Besides, what kind of a "story" does Yosemite Sleaze have? Do we need to hear it? Why do men try kissing women who don't want it? Because they think they can get away with it; as long as people like Julie Rosen offer them cover, they're right.