Reps. Mike Benson and Mary Kiffmeyer want to see your ID at the polls

Reps. Mary Kiffmeyer and Mike Benson want to see your ID

Reps. Mary Kiffmeyer and Mike Benson want to see your ID

Two Republican legislators are pushing bills that would require voters to bring photo IDs to the polls. Both bills are slated for a hearing at the House Government Operations and Elections Committee Thursday morning.


The twin bills HF89, authored by Rep. Mike Benson, R-Rochester, and HF210, authored by the former Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, now a Representative from Big Lake, provide different solutions to the supposed problem of voter fraud. Both bills require voters to show identification, but Kiffmeyer's bill also includes a number of provisions that would move Minnesota toward a computerized voter identification system.

"Kiffmeyer's bill uses modern technology to stop ineligible voters from voting at the polls," says Dan McGrath, head of Minnesota Majority, the conservative group that pushed a poll-watching effort during the last election. "I think we have a lot more problems with elections than just voter IDs."

Kiffmeyer's bill would eliminate the paper voter rosters and replace them with an electronic system that cross-checks a voter's criminal record in order to make sure that felons don't vote.

Minnesota Majority has been the chief force behind the claim that voter fraud is widespread in Minnesota, a contention the Minnesota County Attorneys Association has called frivolous and a drain on public resources.

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