Reporter's Notebook: Vin Vericose in video


This week's feature follows local native Vin Vericose in his quest to be an alt-porn star in Los Angeles. You can read all about him here, but we figured you might want to see him in action. We've collected a couple videos of him worth checking out.

We'll start with the innocent. One of Chad Fjerstad's favorite hobbies is making home movies with his buddies. They were no-budget ridiculousness that should only be funny to those involved. But we enjoyed them anyway.

Here is a trailer for one of Fjerstad's movies, titled "Anal Retentive". Chad plays the gay dad who has a "dinner guest" over and then invites him to the bedroom. When his 4-year-old son discovers his dad getting busy with the strange man, all hell breaks loose.

Below, an episode of his video blog, "Love Puppies" with his girlfriend Andy San Dimas.

This is the latest episode of "Love Puppies," Chad's video blog with his girlfriend Andy San Dimas. They made it safely to Los Angeles and documented the move-in and some of their first trips around town with friends and family.

LOVEPUPPIES (( Episode 21 )) "California"

.LUCKY STIFF. | MySpace Video

And what you've all been waiting for... Vin Vericose in porn! This is the trailer for his first porn film, "On My Dirty Knees." WARNING: NOT SAFE FOR WORK and MIGHT BE OFFENSIVE. You've been warned.


Vin's other adult film appearances. The trailers are too graphic to post on the site, but feel free to explore on your own if you're curious.

Art School Girls are Easy (TRAILER, NSFW)

Pussy a Go Go!

Eyelashes (not yet released)