Reporter's Notebook: Speed Dating

Speed dating was so much fun I have a few more details of the evening that I just have to share.

1. My boyfriend went on a date with Caroline, the “hottie” I refer to in my story. According to him: “"She'’s a bitch."” She made fun of him for still being in school. Even so, I still want to know what happened between her and Ken.

2. Roberto, the blood drawing medical technician who sounded so creepy in the story, has a lighter side. Dance is his passion, especially “bopping and moon walking.” He also likes to watch Lifetime.

3. In addition to hockey and basketball, Bruce, “the jock,” actually plays on a kickball league. “It’'s just like elementary school gym class, but with booze! "It's more of a beer drinking type deal," he said. (I am seriously contemplating putting together a team and signing up.)

4. During intermission I went on a date with a guy named Omar who didn't make the cut in the print edition. Like me, he was getting sauced. Omar wasn’'t having that much luck speed dating, even though he just met a professional salsa dancer. Omar hates to shake his groove thing. "“I only do it when I’'m alone," he slurred.

On a perfect evening Omar, an artist, would cozy up in his apartment with a mug of hot chocolate and paint. I told him I tried to be a writer time and again, and he had some creative advice.

Drink wine while you work, he said. It will open up your mind. “"Think of life as a river and think of you as a leaf. You can sometimes get stuck to a stone in the middle of river, or you can chose to float wherever the river takes you. The fun going where the river takes you.” "

At this point, I totally want some of whatever Omar is on.

“"Cheers to that,”"I say.

“"To finding love and being philosophical,"” he spouts.

And then we ordered another glass.

5. I actually know someone who met his wife speed dating. While Little Penguin, the company that provided the much-loved wine for the evening, reports that 18 percent of Minneapolis daters use cyberspace to find a mate, speed dating is so much better, says Mark from Saint Paul.

Sick of being set up and tired of meeting people at bars, speed dating was a really efficient way to sort through people and see who he wanted to be with, Mark says.

“"Think about the time you had to go on a blind date, but within five minutes you realized you never wanted to see them again, but you had to spend three more hours with them. When you speed date you get to decide right away…...

"For us, we just knew.”"

The pair was married last year. So, there is hope.

During one of my dates I actually met that guy looking for the one. You'll never believe it... Craig, the nervous wreck, was a hopeless romantic. Get this ladies, he wants “"something serious. You know, sex is sex, but it only lasts so long. The fact of the matter is I kind of want to start a family," he told me.

Later, I recalled this story at the bar to a resounding chorus of girls going: "Aww, how sweet." Then, one women says, "‘Why don’t I ever meet anyone like that?’"

My response: Because you don’t go speed dating. Eight Minute Dating is hosting two more dating events in Minnesota this month. Click here to register.

6. I couldn’'t believe the diversity of daters. And, to make my point, I just want to include my date with the Jesus lover. I'’m calling him God:

I sit down at God’'s table and realize the Asian man is practically asleep. Apparently, this whole Speed Dating thing isn'’t working out for him tonight.

"It’s got potential, I just don’t know if it’s got high potential,”" says God, who has been speed dating before.

God is an electrical engineer, but in his spare time he reads Michael Crichton books, plays soccer, and worships. He goes to church three or four times a week.

“"I just like worshiping,"” he says. "“I like singing and praising the Lord. I know I’'m not perfect. I'’m a sinner; I'’m not any different than anyone else, I just have a need. I know God is very real. All you have to do is look around, see designs all over the world, all over nature, somebody designed it you know.”"

"“Wow, I never thought of it that way,"” I said unsure of how else to respond.

“"On the surface level you can see it everywhere, you know, with snowflakes and rainbows."

On that note... let’s talk about the best way to pick someone up. Little Penguin worked with Dating Diva and Booty Food author Jacqui Malouf, to help patrons figure out how to “heat things up—in and out of the kitchen.”

Here’ are some fun facts and tips, generated from Little Penguin’'s Dating and Mating Survey.

-Get drunk: 60 percent of people say wine enhances the dating experience.

-Use those cheesy lines: Half of the women polled say they still fall for pickup lines, but they are less likely to try them out. Forty percent of single men say they use pickup lines, while only 22 % of women admit to trying it.

-Talk up your career: Everyone is concerned about professional success, but women more so: (60% to 74%).

-Men, you don't have to pay, just offer: While men tend to think they should pay the check on the first date, only 1/3 of women expect it.

-Go ahead and call afterwards: The three-day rule is out. The new standing is that it’s OK to call, email or text the person within one or two days of the date.

-Turn on the charm: Both men and women rank personality as the number one characteristic they are looking for in a date. Not surprisingly, the second most important criteria for men it’s appearance and for women it was a sense of humor.

-Smell good, but not too good: Forgo the second, third or fourth spritz of perfume or cologne. A little goes a long way.

-Be aware of the game: Women play hard to get more often than men: (37% to 23%).

For more dating tips and the chance to enter into a pickup line contest and win a free trip to Australia, go here.

Finally, some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Reporter's Notebook: Speed Dating

Here I am talking to Chuck, aka gross guy, you know advertising, har, har, har.

Reporter's Notebook: Speed Dating

Here's Chuck flirting with someone else. Poor someone else...

Reporter's Notebook: Speed Dating

Here's the general speed dating scene. If you notice, I'm in the corner with God.

Reporter's Notebook: Speed Dating

Afterwards, everyone mingled. This is me talking with Tom, the construction worker/ aspiring children's book author.

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