Reporter's Notebook: Simon has his say

In this week's issue of City Pages, we profile motivational speaker Russell Simon. Last week, Simon sent a letter our way making his case. He asked that we post it word-for-word, which we did after the jump.

I'd like to say that my counselor, Mr. Barry V. Voss, is the very best in my book.

Even though the jury got it wrong and found me guilty of 5 of the 9 felonies I was bogusly charged with by Mr. Jeb Bedbad's office, I was found not guilty on the charges that carried a life without parole sentence. Which is what Mr. Bedband's office seeked.

I and my attorney Barry V. Voss 100 percent believe that the judge in this case certainly made rulings and his own rulings were miscarriages of the law and will be overturned in the appellate courts.

One must remember we tried for a change of venue on 3 separate occasions only to be denied by [the judge] each time.

Isanti County is a hick town with a wild wild west mentality and their own laws.

I've never heard or been in a courtroom across America where when asked if you money for an attorney and, "No," that the judge hands you a business card and says call the public defenders' office and then orders a urine analysis test without representation.

What a joke and slap in every taxpayer's face is Isanti County. And if they did this to me, they'be done it to others.

My jury consisted of 12 people: 7 women, 5 men. Of the 12 people the judge knew 7 of them personally. One of the jury members he married twice.

What a joke. And I got a fair trial!

I and my attorney look forward to having our day in court and a new trial. Until then, the Isanti County "Squat Team," the "State Poopers," the "Grudges," the "Dumpities," and the "persecutors" can kiss my ass. Because they all helped set me up and got the wrong guy. We might have lost the battle, but we certainly have not lost the war.

It ain't over until the fat lady says it it.

You can write Russell Simon, prison number 124938, at: 2305 Minn. Blvd. SE St. Cloud, MN 56304

His website can be found here.

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